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A selection of book reviews & essays by Helen Moore

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WILD MIND: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche by Bill Plotin, reviewed for Permaculture Magazine

The Vision of Error, review of John Kinsella's poetry collection for The Wolf

The Burning Answer, A User's Guide to the Solar Revolution by Keith Barnham, reviewed for Permaculture Magazine

Beacons: Stories for Our Not So Distant Future, ed. Gregory Norminton, reviewed for Transition Free Press

ENTANGLEMENTS: New Ecopoetry, eds. David Knowles and Sharon Blackie, reviewed for Resurgence

The Anarchist Revelation, by Paul Cudenec, reviewed for Permaculture Magazine

Out of Time, review of Jay Ramsay's poetry collection for Caduceus

Tidal Shift, review of Mary Palmer's poetry collection for Caduceus

'Art with no Heart', article published in The Scotsman

Nature's Words: Activism

"Clowns always speak of the same thing, they speak of hunger; hunger for food, hunger for sex, but also hunger for dignity, hunger for identity, hunger for power. In fact, they introduce questions about who commands, who protests." — Dario Fo (Italian playwright/fool)


Public Mourning for species affected by climate change, Climate March, London, Dec 2007

Remember the children, 20th anniversary of Chernobyl, Bath, April 2006

Global warming and melting icecaps at the Climate March, London, November 2006

Green Christmas, Bath, December 2006

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